Thankful Thursday - The Magic of Music..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

If it wasn't for music, I actually wouldn't be here.  I don't mean this in a 'music saved my life' kind of way..... I mean it literally!! If music didn't exist, neither would I!

In the late 60's - early 70's my dad was in a band.

My Dad.... the lead singer

My Dad.... the poser!! (2nd from left)

According to my Dad, he had his fair share of groupies!  I wont challenge the rumour, he was a handsome devil.  On one magical evening on some snow resort somewhere, my Dad and his band (The Thunderbolts...) were bashing out their tunes and in the crowd was his future wife.  Apparently she wasn't quite as easy as his usual groupies so this one he had to work hard for..........

My Mum.... the successful groupie!

Thankfully for my brother and then me, he charmed her and they hooked up!

From then on, and throughout my childhood, music was a massive influence in my family.  Dad went on to become a DJ when the band fell apart so he was always putting sets together and sourcing new sounds.  Mum would listen to her favourite tunes as she cleaned or read or knitted.  

Major influences in my childhood were The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Rickie Lee Jones, John Lennon, Van Morrison..... a real 60's & 70's theme!  As I reached the land of teenage - dom (doom more like it..) you could find me locked away in my room/dungeon blaring artists such as The Doors, Nirvana, Hole and Smashing Pumpkins. My parents must have cringed with some of the songs they would have heard over and over again!!!

Now as I 'do' adult hood, the 70's still heavily influence my tastes.  I love The Beatles still, I adore Rickie Lee Jones, I love John Lennon's story telling.  Anything current that I tune into seems to have that 70's flare too.

Its funny, my boys are developing their tastes and I love their wide variety of choices.  On their Ipods you will find a real mix.  They have a bit of what I love plus their favourite chart toppers.  Ill be made to listen to Justin Biebers new song..... cringe.... or something by Usher.....  I encourage their love for music however so I smile and nod.  'Do you like it mum?' 'Oh yes, its great'.... (just not my cup of tea, but your kids taste of music really shouldn't be, should it?!)

So, as I close today's Thankful rant, I can hear John Lennon telling me all about Karma, and how its instant and it gonna get me, so I better get myself together......  Such wise words.

All together now....   'and we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun........'

What kind of music has influenced your life?

Much love,


  1. Carole King's Tapestry. I listened to it over and over as a teenager :-)

  2. Lovely post Leigh. On a busy day, music relaxes me, it is what brings me closer to my children :) Definitely thankful for it.

  3. How cool your dad is a singer and your mum a groupie!!! Love it. Music inspires me, makes me cry, laugh and brings back memories. Our radio is never turned off - not even at night! x

  4. I am sure I left a comment here this morning! Great post! What a fabulous story to pass down through the generations!

  5. Thanks for linking up with #TUST. Love the name of his band! Thunderbolts! My kids are into suck different music to me already and I don't mind because I really do think its one of those personal things - as long as they don't inflict it on me too loud!

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  6. Wow music that shaped us, i love thinking of that. Depending on the age and stage...hmmm radiohead, the doors, angus and julia stone, beth orton, cat power ummm the bloody fist boys in newcastle. So much. I love that your dad was taken by your sweet sweet mama, i meant my man from being his groupie...hehehe.
    Beautiful blog xxx

  7. I love music but am totally hopeless at knowing who sings what or what the song title is - it is the bane of K's life, having to answer "Hey Luv, what's this song ? Who sings it ?" whenever I hear a song and she is with me !!!
    Thanks so much for hosting the linky - I love Thankful Thursday and have been very slack of late with linking in for it !
    Have the best day !

  8. I love this post! Thanks for linking up with me. While probably not nearly as successful as your dad's band, my own dad was in a band...and that's how he met my mom too! :)

  9. Wow both your parents look very attractive! How cool your dad being in a band :-) I used to sing publically when I was younger. Think I'd be too shy now. I also love music & would have to agree with Francesca with her love of Carole King's Tapestry - love it! I remember being devastated when my younger sister who was just a toddler got hold of my Elvis tape and pulled it to shreds. xo

  10. what a great story!!!!! I love it!!

    #TTUT was here :)

  11. What a great story!
    I've always liked country...some of the songs speak to me.

  12. I love Rickie Lee Jones too. New to the hop! Thanks for the link up. I have put your button on my pinterest page.

  13. this is beautiful, not only for the romance part but also for how much our parents can influence our music tastes.. i have always a sentimental feeling when I hear music from the 60s that my mother listened to in the 70 /80s when I was a kid =) also linked up, as I saw your linky on

  14. Oh I grew up on 70's music, and just love it! Sent here by My Journey :)

  15. I am a big lover of all types of music really but country is my all time favourite! I love the stories behind the music and what the lyrics say when you really listen to them.. I love how a simple song or piece of music can take you back to a time or place and the memories flood back..
    Thank god your dad made beautiful music hey?!


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