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Monday, April 22, 2013
As a mum of four, I have learned over the years just how much I sacrifice for my children. And that's OK, don't assume that I am whinging but what does get to me a bit is when those moments in life that are planned or important for me end up being affected.

I adore my role as a mum to 4 boys and the past 13 years have been wholly devoted to them and will continue to be most likely until the day that I take my last breath.  Its so hard though to construct a life sometimes around theirs.  As you know, I am now working in an adult world. Well, trying to anyway.  I have committed to 2-3 permanent shifts a week and mostly it is going well.  It takes a HUGE amount of planning to get out the door by 6:30 am or work until the late hours of the evening and Im rather impressed with how we are all coping BUT, Murphy likes to remind us often that he indeed does have a law and its one we just cant ignore.

In the entire year that I spent home with little Ollie he was superbly healthy. So much so that my husband and I would often comment on his remarkable state of health.  Cue going back to work and BOOM! Its all gone out the window. And to add frustration, it would seem that he begins his sign of sickness late in the day prior to my rostered shift.  Overnight he hits a wall, as do I and then I am faced with that dreaded phone call in the morning... You know the one?.... 'Hi, Im so sorry to do this AGAIN, but Im unable to come into work because of (insert child's name).'  Im torn.  I know I need to care for my children and I am happy to do so, but the professional in me hates letting my work colleagues down and I would hate to be known as that one who always rings in sick!

I guess its just one of those things.  Just like how you can guarantee that if you have had an important date marked on the calender for 50 years, you can bet that a family catastrophe will hinder your chances of attending!

Anyway, Im as shattered as my little man today. We are both surviving on very little sleep and Im thinking I just might Nana Nap when he does.  I count my blessings though that we have no serious illnesses, just silly colds. It could always be worse.

This sad little face though is where my heart lies. Poor little man, its not nice when they are ill.

How do you cope with work life and mumma commitments? Its such a tug of war.....

Much love,


  1. sorry to hear ollie is sick. i understand how it puts a stop to everything week 2 for us and head colds and l confess l want sleep and a babysitter. rest when you can. x

  2. Oh gosh its hard to find the balance. hope you have a happy and healthy week. xo


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