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Thursday, May 9, 2013

What is My Top 5? I hear you say....  How can I join in? You ask... (well you probably aren't but I'll tell you anyway..)

My Top 5 is my attempt at encouraging YOU and me to take time out each and every week to do something (well, 5 things if you can manage it) for ourselves. A little bit of self-love. Refuel that tank so you can continue to give to others! You can do anything, just for you, that YOU enjoy.  As I am getting older and a little wiser, one thing I know to be true is that if you don't look after yourself, then you cant care for others properly and as a mum of 4, I go feral when I've not had any 'me' time. My husband and my boys run a mile when I am desperate for a break so now I make it a priority and spare them the horror! 

Each Monday, I blog about how I went and what I did and if you are a blogger, I hope you will do the same (let me know if you do) and Ill even offer you the chance to link up!  I also ask that you join the community of others who are already making My Top 5 a priority and highlight your moment on on Twitter or Instagram by linking with #sbtbmytop5 (oh and don't forget to alert me of your indulgence by adding @sixbythebay so I can applaud your efforts!) Feel free to message me on my Facebook Page also, I love hearing your happy stories!

So get planning. What 5 things will you do for YOU this week?  

You are worth it!  
Enjoy some self love and love the life you live!

Much love,



  1. This is a great idea to help promote Mum's looking after them selves.

    Popping in form Blogs and PR

  2. Geez I hope I can get my SHITE together soon to do this. Great idea and if we don't 'speak' before Sunday, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - have a great one beings spoiled by your 5 boys! WOW - Em xx - visiting via TUST for Blogs and PR


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