My Top 5 - Week 7

Sunday, May 26, 2013
So, Sunday has crept up again and after finishing my week with an early morning dash to Sorrento for my son's football (after a late night at work), followed by some emergency shoe shopping for Ollie, I'm well and truly wrecked!  I'm officially on the countdown for night time so I can enjoy a Roast dinner and then park my butt, guilt free on the couch and just veg out!!! 

My week has been nuts as usual.  Ive had some lovely moments thankfully but I think I have overdone it somewhat.  I have no-one to blame, all of my poor choices have been my own......
Midweek was a girls night out that ended up larger than I had planned and frankly, I feel as though I am still paying for it.  Wine and I have this love/hate relationship.... I LOVE it, it HATES me so I tend to overindulge and boy does it punish me thoroughly!!!! I woke the morning after and proceeded to rid the wine of my system from the end that we usually consume goods and did so for approximately 4 LONG hours.  Not much fun when you have 4 children who need to be at school etc by a certain time.  I was not proud of myself and wont be repeating that behaviour ever again...(well, not for a long time if we are being totally honest...)  That night, I got my act well and truly together and worked the PM shift.  So, so tired....
My other poor choice, but a fun one, is that yes, like most, if not all women on this planet, I too have succumbed to the spell of Mr Grey.  I swore I wouldn't get hooked but I'm only human! Good Lord!  I intend on reading a few pages but get stuck, unable to put the book down.  I have not been to bed before midnight for the past 5 nights and my family would happily tell you that they are not benefiting from my lack of sleep! Tonight, Christian Grey will just have to wait. I owe it to myself to GET SOME SLEEP!
I have purposely taken some time away from here and my Facebook page to solely focus on me and my family and it has paid off.  I had dropped the ball a bit with regard to those that I should be focusing on and cracks were starting to form.  I think the realisation that I'm a mum of four, a wife, a friend and a Nurse became quite real and I saw that for now, my plate is very full.  I'm the type of person who loves to give my all to all that I do and I was failing at aspects of my responsibilities, so a little wake up call was needed and accepted.   Little changes have begun.  Ive gone back to basics so to speak.
The week to come is full, as are most weeks but I know that I will have time to quietly and calmly go about My Top 5 without that feeling of guilt that I have been battling plus I know that it is crucial that I take time out just for ME! So here are My Top 5 plans ..... 
* I plan to continue with my knitting project. I'm sure that this will be an ongoing focus of mine as there are 4 blankets to expand but I'm not daunted by it. I find knitting rather relaxing.
* I'm hoping that my darling friend Bec will meet me for lunch as I had to cancel last week due to my poor form.... (pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase....)
* I'm going to join my local gym and make the most of their yoga classes. I'm thinking that I might hit the gym of the evenings when my husband gets home. It would be a good outlet for me.
* One of my boys has an appointment this week so we are making the most of the day and catching up with a beautiful friend.  For me this means some soul sista time. Something I am desperately in need of! 
* Last but not least, in fact this one I am most excited about..... On Friday, Tim and I celebrate 15 whopping years of marriage and we are kissing the cherubs adios for the evening and having some much needed alone time! Nothing major planned as yet but here has been talk of the Hot Springs..... Blisssssssss.
So that's my grand plan.  I know that with these moments thrown into my usually hectic week, it will be a fun, positive one.  So now, its your turn to plan what YOU will do for YOU this week.  Make sure you take time out to enjoy your life amongst the frantic pace of your normal day to day activities. (Don't forget to tag your moment using #sbtbmytop5 on Twitter or Instagram if you hang out there xx) 

YOU are worth the fuss, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Have a fabulous week xxx

Much love,

Leigh xxx

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  1. Good on you for stepping away from the internet! I really need to do that more, I am also a mum of four under 10, and a full time student, and do some work in the family business, and I need to spend more time just hanging with my kids, go back to reading books, watching a movie with my husband etc. When I look back, I won't wish I spent more time on Facebook! "Free" time is very precious, and should be focused on the ones most precious to us - ourselves included!


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