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Sunday, May 5, 2013
Another week over. Where does the time go?!  I cant quite wrap my head around the past week. Its been absolutely frantic. I feel as though my feet touched the ground on Monday morning and I began running...... right up till now!  I sit here, its Sunday night, Im in my jammies and Im fighting a losing battle with Man Flu. All week the males in my house have been dropping like flies and I have been taking good care of them and as luck would have it (??), Im next in line it seems. The big difference though is that Ill have to fend for myself! Sound familiar mums?????

More than ever, Im going to need 'me' time this coming week.  I hope it involves something exciting and rejuvenating but if I keep feeling the way I do, it may be spent on the couch. (Watching Sesame Street and reluctantly playing piles on with Ollie.....)

This past week however, I did have the chance to be selfish and take time out for me.  Amongst working, kids sports, Man Flu victims, organising a kids party, shopping, cleaning, wrestling my washing machine and toddler wrangling, this is what I did for ME!

I went for a 7km walk on the most beautiful, sunny morning. Thankfully, if I just keep giving Ollie snacks, he happily sits in the pram and takes it all in. I find walking so relaxing.

I indulged in a home facial and a LONG soak in the bath. I got all of my Body Shop products out and enjoyed a solid pampering. BLISS.....

I sat here and just listened to the peace and quiet.  Its so nice to sit in silence as usually my world is beyond noisy!

Im loving my cafe time before work. To just sit and read the paper and slowly drink my coffee is seriously a treat! No rushing, no fussing, just me and a good coffee!

On Friday, I headed into the city for a Bloggers Brunch! It was lovely to meet some fellow bloggers and talk to reps from varying companies.  I got to sample some lovely products and best of all, I was 'Mum Of The Year' when I came home with an Ice-Cream machine from the generous folk at Kambrook for the boys!

Today, I finished my week off having lunch with some gorgeous womenfolk!  I headed straight into St Kilda, detouring a few times thanks to Google Maps and venting my frustrations towards the navigating woman who kindly told me to do U-turns, right turns, left turns, travel back where I had come from, cross this road, then that road etc, etc, etc........ Yes, I was last to arrive and YES I was a little flustered but it was a lovely afternoon! 

So, now I plan to pop a couple of Panadol and head to bed. I have to be up at 5:30 for work in the morning and then it all starts again!  I do strongly think though that I get through my crazy weeks because I indulge myself in a little bit of fun.  Its never anything too huge but even the little moments matter.  I hope you are doing the same for yourself!

Don't forget to share your own Top 5 moments with me. I would love to see that you are making time for YOU as YOU are worth it!!!
Just link: #sbtbmytop5 on Twitter or Instagram.  Alternatively, feel free to send me a message highlighting your self indulgent plans!

Have an awesome week beautiful people......

Much love, 


  1. Hj leigh
    Just finished my top 5 week. Here's the new blogpost. Didn't see a link up button so heres the link.

    1. Loved it! Thanks so much for playing along! Have a fabulous week xxx

  2. Ummm excuse me. but how do you manage to look so dam gorgeous still with a facemask on? Sounds like a bust week hun but I am glad you are taking some time out for yourself. xx

    1. You, my dear are gorgeous! Thanks for the compliment xxxxx Have a wonderful week! If you spoil yourself, link it up on Insta or twitter!! #sbtbmytop5 xxxxx

  3. I hope you're feeling better now Leigh. You're a star for looking after and caring for the little (and big) men in your family so well! Enjoy your me time, it's so important. Lots of love, Lydia xxx


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