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Friday, June 14, 2013

When I studied Nursing, I gained such a detailed insight in to the body and its systems and functions. At times, to be honest, it daunted me just how easily something could go wrong and that if we didn’t look after ourselves properly, the chances of an illness or system failure were increased.  I take my health and the health of my family seriously so when I was approached by the Heart Foundation to have a ‘Heart Health checkup’ and discuss my experience with you, I was happy to.  Especially considering that statistics have found that Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of Australian women and we are almost 3 times more likely to die from Heart Disease than Breast Cancer!

My GP was able to conduct this assessment with me and I will assure you, it is non-invasive and by no means frightening!  Basically, the checkup involves assessing Blood Pressure, Pulse, Weight and BMI, Waist Circumference, Cholesterol, Diet and Level of Exercise.  My GP highlighted to me the risk factors to developing Heart Disease such as being overweight, being physically inactive, smoking and having a family history of the disease.  These were all topics we discussed and I admitted to the fact that I don’t exercise as much as I would like.  (The recommended amount of exercise is 30 minutes a day).

The results from my Heart Health checkup found that while I’m not at risk of developing heart disease, I do have some areas of concern that will need addressing.  My waist circumference was slightly over the increased risk range (Adult Men: 94cm, Adult Women: 80cm). I measured at 85cm and I have been VERY slack with my eating and exercise. My weight,  BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Pulse were all of a normal range for a woman my age but I believe that with a little more effort and exercise, I can lower the circumference of my waist and get fitter and healthier. 

I’m happy that I had this check up.  Although I have always classed myself as relatively healthy, time can be a major factor in my day-to-day life and the last thing on my mind is exercise.  I know, after my results that I have to prioritise my health if I want to be strong, healthy and fit as I grow older. 

I hope this prompts you to take a look at your own Heart Health. Perhaps you need to step up your exercise or gain control of any unhealthy eating habits. By taking part in an assessment such as this one, you will gain the important information that you need to make sure that you are treating your body and its systems with the respect they deserve.  Make an appointment with your GP and get your health on the right track.  Our hearts are the most important part of our bodies and we owe it to them to stay healthy! 

Get involved in the 'GO RED FOR WOMEN' campaign and take control of your health!

Much love,

Leigh xxxx

*This post was sponsored by The Heart Foundation*


  1. Hi there Leigh, I've just come back from doing the check with my GP and will post soon. It was so interesting, and I'm glad to be found low risk. I have no medical background at all, so lots is new to me, I still have no idea what the blood pressure numbers really mean.

    I do take some exercise, it's been MUCH easier to do so since all four of my kids are at school now. So very much harder when there are wee ones at home.

  2. I too have just finished my own heart health check. It was really scary to read some of the statistics and just the kick in the butt I need!


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