The Storm Has Passed....

Friday, July 12, 2013
I feel as though I have woken from a rather bad dream.  A nightmare in fact.  I'm a little apprehensive still, just incase something jumps out from behind the curtain of life and shakes us up again but I know this is not the way to live life to the full and so I will put my trust and faith back into the system and live with free intention..... The season that has officially passed saw us toppled with obscene distrust and insane financial worry but its over now, and time to move on.... and up. 

After months of treading water and winging it, I feel I am inspired to re-build.

Its been tough to maintain a home let alone take on anything new over the past year but now, Im ready. My heart wants to create and provide again.  I feel a lovely desire to improve on my surroundings and create spaces of happiness in my home.  I want to take on little projects that I can manage.  I have been in fight mode for long enough and now the time has come to soften the soul....

My Garden....

With a husband who is a Landscaper, I really don't get to have too much input in the final designs of our garden but he is kind and allows me some freedom to potter and create colour.  Those who have garden mad men would understand that the trend is very 'green' and 'clean', so when I start talking about Roses and Lavender, I can actually see him tense up!

As I said though, he is kind and even bought me some Lavender to plant. Now that's love!
We have a great big water tank and I just know that with the right amount of love and care, I can pretty it up. So, I'm planting it out with said Lavender.  

I have a vision that over time, this space will be abundant with beautiful fragrant flowers swaying in the wind and the tank will fade into the background somewhat.  (Fingers crossed.... I do have a knack of killing even the most hardy of plants...)

Ill keep you posted on my progress!

As I stood, watering them in, I thought of how I used to watch my mum do the same and how I have come full circle and still have a strong connection to her.  
Life is magical when you take notice.



  1. I think it's great when we have lovely gardens to go out and spend time in - reconnecting with nature !!
    Have a great weekend and crossing fingers that your lavender thrives !

    1. Thanks hun, I will need all the luck I can get! Happy Weekend to you too xxxx

  2. Looks like you've made a great start. I love lavender, but not so much the bees that flock to it through the warmer months. I miss having a proper garden. Maybe one day....

    1. The Bees are the hard price to pay but I also love lavender. It will be worth it xxx

  3. How lucky are you having a landscaper as a hubby! I could do with that right now! After we finish our front is the new gardens! I know what I's just the 'doing' part. I love a potter in the garden. I also love lavender! Lavender around your water tank will be beautiful. Enjoy :-) xoxo

  4. I LOVE spending time in my garden just pottering around not really doing a lot. It is so therapeutic and you will love the quiet moments with just yourself and your thoughts xx


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