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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
I am a motherless mother.
Some days I just crave to hear my mothers voice.

I have just come out of a hideous year. One of the toughest that I have had to endure. One that I missed the presence of my mother so much...  More than ever I needed that support that only a mother can give.  The rub on the back, the reassurance that everything was going to be OK, the non judgemental friendship and love.  My boys needed a Nanna.  They desperately needed to be spoilt and have the weight of their world's lifted.  They needed some time out from the heavy cloud of stress that loomed for many, many months.

I repeatedly pat myself and my husband on the back for the level of courage and direction we maintained whilst our lives were being torn to shreds.  Our children have come out aware that we went through something quite major but they are still carefree and happy.  With very little outside support, we managed to pull it off.... just!  

As the stress is dissipating, I have even more clarity of the direction I want my book to take and the theme it will take on.

I want to connect with others who have lost their mothers.  I want others to read the words that may sound all too familiar but gain hope and strength from those words. Its going to be all about celebration, inspiration and connection.

If you are reading this and you are motherless, I would love to invite you to add some input into my book.  You can email me for further information.  There is no obligation, it is entirely up to you (xx).

So, with so much exciting planning and writing ahead, I will be taking a step back from this space. As a mum of four and a Nurse, something has to make way for quality writing time and this is it.  Thanks so much to you all for your support and lovely words thus far.  You can still connect with me via my facebook page, Twitter or Instagram or of course my email.

Much love to you all.

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