A Quick Thank You xxxx

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I just wanted to jump on here to say.. 


soooooooo much to everyone who has got involved with my book so far!  To everyone who has advertised my call outs and to the amazing women who are sending me their stories... 


I honestly believe that this book is going to be AMAZING and its all I think about.  
Im so inspired by the strength and wisdom from the beautiful Mothers who have emailed me thus far about their journey and I know that collectively, we are going to help heal so many aching hearts. 
(If you are still yet to contribute, its not too late.... Closing date is November 30 2013)

My goal is to have this book finished by the end of the year so its full steam ahead!

Looking forward to sharing this. Oh So Excited!

Much love, Leigh xxxx

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