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Saturday, November 23, 2013

As a mum of 4 boys, when it comes to their clothing, I love to find items with personality.  Over the years I have purchased from the World Industries range and been really happy with the choices and quality so when I was approached to review their clothes and offer a giveaway, I jumped at the chance! 

So, who are World Industries? 
Established in 1987 by professional skateboarders Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen, the World Industries brand has a rich skateboarding heritage. Credited as the brand that redefined skateboarding into a street activity, the casual street wear range that got youth is both functional and fashionable. Supported by global events, advertisements and athlete endorsements worldwide, World Industries continues to define the skate and street clothing industry.

Whether your boy skates, plays football or basketball, rides his bike, climbs tall trees or just loves to roll in the grass and dirt, you can be assured that the clothes from World Industries will survive the paces of your busy boy!! Not only do they maintain their shape, colour and fit but they are affordable too which is what we mums want! Good quality at a reasonable price. The range caters for boys ages 7-16.

Giveaway Time...

So, want to try the brand out for yourself? Well, thanks to the very generous people at World Industries, you have the chance to win an outfit for your delicious boy!  There are some very cool T-shirts and Shorts to choose from!  Just in time for Summer! 
Simply enter the competition below.. And GOOD LUCK!
(competition open to Australian residents only)

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Diana Oz!!
Congrats xxx
Please send me an email at to arrange delivery of your prize!

** With Summer on its way, theres no better time to get your little man out learning to skate! Below are some tips and cool facts that might get your boy excited! **

Benefits of Skateboarding for Kids
·      Children who start skateboarding at an early age often learn to love physical activity; it’s a good crossover for other sports such as as surfing and snowboarding.
·      Skateboarding is known to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility and also help develop muscle strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
·      It helps build confidence, social skills and self esteem as it promotes individuality, creativity but also teamwork and group participation.
·      The sport is the perfect opportunity for a young person to take calculated risks in a controlled environment – in a similar way to martial arts; the skills and fundamentals of skateboarding must be learned and mastered over time with practice and patience.
·      Skateboarding teaches kids how to set goals and overcome fears through perfecting new tricks and mastering new terrain.
·      It’s also an inexpensive hobby to enjoy and can be practiced at home, in the skate park or anywhere in between!
Steps to Get Into Skateboarding
·      Deck yourself out with a skateboard, helmet and safety gear such as knee and elbow pads – remember, safety first when you’re a beginner!
·      Get your balance on the board and work out your stance. Practice pushing off on a level surface and get the feeling for how to control the board – remember your front foot should be just behind the front bolts for balance.
·      Start with some simple moves like turning and stopping before you move onto tricks like ollies – getting the basics right will boost your confidence.
·      Work out where your local skate park is or where you can practice in the neighbourhood – practice makes perfect so make sure you get out and about a few times a week.
·      Learn the slang – words like sick, stoked, 50/50 grind will turn you into a skater kid in no time!

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  1. Some very cool clothes. I hadn't heard of this brand so thanks for sharing!


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