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Friday, November 29, 2013

As you may (or may not) know, my little family and I LOVE the beach!!  

Recently I was given the opportunity to try some new, fun beach toys for the boys and run a giveaway, thanks to the very creative team at Tiger Tribe.  I love sharing cool stuff with you guys, it the fun part of hosting a blog for sure!!

In case you are new to Tiger Tribe, let me introduce you.....

Tiger Tribe was started by wife and husband, Naomi and Anthony Green – parents of two little tigers. The Tiger Tribe team is made up of a group of talented and creative illustrators, graphic designers, and product innovators and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

The team at Tiger Tribe is constantly striving to create new and innovative products that are full of fun and creativity. They want their products to both entertain and educate kids, and allow imaginations to run free. A lot of Tiger Tribe products are priced between $15 and $25 (retail) making them great ‘party presents’.

They are constantly developing new products based on the feedback they receive from retailers, educators, and mums and dads. Their focus is on children in the 0-8 age range.
For parents, Tiger Tribe is a brand synonymous with quality activities that entertain and educate kids. For kids, Tiger Tribe simply means imaginative play and FUN!

Their growing range includes illustrated activity sets, stamps, craft, magnetic games, wooden toys, hanging mobiles, and baby gifts. Two brand new additions in 2013 is the gorgeous Petit Collage range (USA) and Quut Beach Toys (Belgium). Tiger Tribe is delighted to be the exclusive distributor of Petit Collage and Quut in Australia. They also exclusively distribute the Kid O range and are very excited and proud of the growing range of Boxset, also exclusively distributed in Australia by Tiger Tribe.

The awesome news for you all is that you have the chance to win the fantastic beach set that we have tried, tested... and LOVED!  I can tell you that the products are very solid and sturdy, able to withstand some serious sandcastle making and big hole digging!  All of my boys were happily occupied, creating their own masterpieces and hosting their own hole digging competition! Good old fashioned OUTDOOR fun. Perfect!!

Here's what is up for grabs.....

Quut Ballo , possibly the coolest beach 'bucket' around.....

Quut Scoppi, for the most serious of hole diggers!

Quut Triplet.... part shovel, part sand sifter and part rake! A 3 in 1!!

Zing Glider. Watch it glide up to 30 metres!!

Swirlie Triple Swirl, easy to throw and easy to catch.
(Total package prize value = $96.75)

To enter this competition....
Answer this question (in the comments section).....

What was your most favourite beach activity as a child and why?
(Winner will be chosen based on their answer.)
 Competition closes 6/12/13, 12:00 noon AEST.
Winner will be announced here 6/12/13 6:00pm AEST.

Terms and Conditions:
The name of the promotion is: Tiger Tribe Competition
The promoter is Six By The Bay in conjunction with Tiger Tribe.
The conditions of entry are open Australian residents only.
Employees, immediate family members, retailers, suppliers, associated companies and
agencies are not eligible to enter.
The giveaway will close on 6/12/13 12:00 noon. Comments submitted after this time
will not be considered for the giveaway.
This is a game of skill. The winner will be awarded based on the strength of their
answer to the question 'what was your most favourite beach activity as a child and why?'
The prize will be in the form of product which will be sent to the winner once address
details have been provided after the competition has closed.
The results of the giveaway will be published on this site on {insert date}
Prizes are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable
The total prize value $96.75.
If for any reason beyond the Promoter’s control the agreed prize is not available a
product of equal or greater value will be provided.
The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the

* This review is based on products received and tried. This is not a paid review. *

Jessie wrote:

My dad would make the most amazing kites and we would go to the beach to fly them- he died when I was 9 but I remember that he loved to create things just to see the excitement and wonder on mine and my brother's faces. Such special memories :)
Send me an email and I will arrange delivery of your prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered xxx



  1. Making sandcastles, of course, and planting a homemade flag on top of it.

    1. Yes Sonya!!! Using feathers and sticks and seaweed... in fact anything that was lying around on the beach! xxx

  2. There was nothing like burying my little brother in the sand right up to his neck so he couldn't get move or get out, so much fun, until he got bigger than me and then returned the favour!

  3. I remember LOVING to fly my kite at the beach because its only there we get good strong wind!

  4. Collecting shells with my sister. Then we would get dad to put holes in them and make lots of jewellery, We were princesses!!

  5. Wow, poppy would go crazy with excitement if she won this fir summer. She might just pop! I loved beachcombing, collecting shells and surfing down the island. Poppy spends hours filling her buckets with treasures it's like watching myself when I was little.

  6. In my day there were only sand buckets and spades, and the best fun was making sand castles close to the water's edge and waiting for the waves to come in and wash it away.

  7. My dad would make the most amazing kites and we would go to the beach to fly them- he died when I was 9 but I remember that he loved to create things just to see the excitement and wonder on mine and my brother's faces. Such special memories :)

  8. My best friend and I collected cuttle fish things and wrote little notes to each other on them. I still have a few :) also jumping between seaweed stacks. So much fun!

  9. My best friend and I collected cuttle fish things and wrote notes to each other on them. I still have a few and I will try and keep them forever as she was sadly taken far too soon in a tragic accident when she was 12. We also used to jump between seaweed stacks, running from sea monsters. Such fun and happy memories.

  10. I used to love making sand angels. I love getting sand all over myself. My sand angels looked good, until the rising tide would destroy my artwork ;)

  11. We use to dig holes in the sand , then bring water from the sea and fill the hole with water and then jump in that puddle - it was crazy time with my sister.....Mum use to shout " why can't you u guys jump near the water " n we use to giggle . we were afraid of sea waves taking us with them.

  12. This is a true but equally disturbing tale. When I was kid I had a proclivity towards consuming sand, as a normal person would say 'chips' or an 'apple'. There's quite a few photos of me grimacing with a mixture of pleasure and disgust during one of my 'meals'.

  13. A day at the beach for me equaled one thing
    And so for that reason, I would bring
    An empty bottle, a paper and pen
    Even some crayons now and again
    For I loved writing notes, then in the bottle they'd go
    Launched into the ocean to a place I didn't know
    I'd sit and imagine where it would wash up on shore
    I'd think who would find it, and then I'd make more
    Messages in a bottle held a real wonder for me
    Its simply the best beach pastime there can be!

  14. Building sand castles with my wonderful dad, then watching the incoming tide slowly sweep it away...

  15. I grew up down the beach because my family were members of our local yacht club. I remember making ponds and moats in the sand from the water that would run down the boat ramp when people where cleaning their boats.

  16. Sitting just at the start of the water and waiting for the waves to come in, then trying to grab pipi's as the water rushed back out.

  17. As a child I loved anything to do with water. My mother used to call me a water baby because I would even sit in the dog's water bowl just to get my little feet wet.

  18. As a child growing up in the country I didn't get to go to the beach very often, but when I did, I loved to stand on the edge of the water and feel the sand move under my feet, I was (still am :) ) fascinated by the feeling.

  19. Going to Jimmys beach at Port Stephens, those days it was all beach and you had the run of all of the sand dunes, but now its not recognisable


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