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Friday, January 24, 2014
Helloooooooo Beautiful People!

I'm sorry for the lack of lurve round these parts, its just MENTAL in my world at the moment and I'm hard pressed finding any spare time to do anything other than the norm!

A quick update for those who have been messaging me regarding the book.
I'm in book OBSESSION mode!
At this stage, my section is complete, I have some editing to do but that's as perfect as I'm ever going to get it, for now.
I'm immersed in submissions now. I have sooooooo many to look through. I was overwhelmed by the response that I got and am doing everything I can to share each and every submission I got, in some way or another! I'm so impressed with how so many women have climbed out of their grief and chosen to live amazingly positive lives. This book really is going to be very healing!

I am putting the feelers out regarding publishers, etc and hoping for something wonderful. We will just have to see.......

School holidays are almost over here, its been lovely, BUSY (!!!!) but lovely! Melbourne finally decided to catch up with the seasons and is giving us some amazing beach days and for that I'm soooooo Thankful! Its nice to be around my boys, but much nicer in the wide, open spaces!

So, as I try to get my head in 'get boys ready for back to school' mode, I promise to still chip away at this book of mine. I'm not blessed with endless days where I can sit and type from dawn to dusk but I am taking it very seriously and focusing on it when time allows (and a VERY demanding toddler)!

For now, that's all. 
I will leave you with this delicious picture that I captured yesterday.  
Don't you just want to jump in that boat and sail away.......


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  1. Exciting Leigh. Enjoy the book process - sounds like it's unfolding perfectly. Love to know if you have a book launch x


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