My Book.... I'm beyond excited!!

Friday, June 27, 2014
Hellooooooo my darlings, how are you?

I'm fab! So flat out but great!  Its late but I thought that I would write a quick update on my book. I would hate for anyone to think that I have given up on it, quite the opposite really! Its coming along so well and is becoming something SOOOOO amazing, I just know that those who read it will gain something from it and that is what my goal has been all along. I'm so exhausted, my left eye constantly twitches and I have the most hideous black bags under my eyes, the type that are seriously a challenge to conceal but in the end it will be all so worth it!  
My current focus is on the section of wisdom from Mums and as I hoped, it is developing into the most divine, supportive collection of beautiful wise words. Its coming from REAL mums and that's what I love about it. There is no judgement, just encouragement and warm hugs in the form of the written word. Just perfect!  I have been very lucky and have received some amazing wisdom from some celeb mums too, so that is indeed exciting. The list just keeps growing..... I'm just so grateful to all who have made the time to contribute (xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox).
So, whats my plan?
Well, I will re-draft the book for the billionth time, just to be sure and then, when I feel it is right (and its soooo close to being 'right'), it will be time to seriously try and secure an Agent.  I desperately want to share it with you all!! That is my hope so fingers crossed! (oh and if anyone reading this is/knows a Literary Agent, well, I would sure love to have a chat!)
I assume this to be a lengthy process. Writing and then Publishing a book takes so much time and thought (very rare to combine the two as a mum of 4) and I have come to realise it is certainly not something to rush! I have to be patient but when its out on the shelf, for others to enjoy and gain courage and support from, I will be just Oh, So, Happy! 
So, stay in touch and be patient with me and we will get there... I promise!
Much love to you all, I hope all is well in your worlds.

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