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Tuesday, July 22, 2014
moving your toosh...

Sometimes I am at my happiest when I am exercising.  'Whaaaaaaaaaat?', I hear you say. Yep, truth! I admit that I do have a love/hate relationship with exercise, like most people but something that I have learned over the years is that if I don't take the time to care for myself, well I become someone that no-one dares to be around.....  And another guarantee with me is that if I have had a hiatus of sorts from getting the juices flowing, (hello Winter *insert 'flip the bird' emjoy*) then I usually fall to emotional pieces and feel very sorry for myself! Blame it on the weather, blame it on hormones.... Who knows! 

I am a firm believer in putting in what you want back and for me, I feel my best when I am fit and healthy. When I go through periods of feeling sluggish I really battle, both in mind and body.  I don't feel inspired, I lack confidence and my overall demeanor goes a little cray-cray.  So, I make sure that I keep on track and I regularly exercise. Rain, hail or shine...... (in-between mothering 4 active boys and working and cleaning and, and, and.........)

Often this is rather tricky with my little man in tow as he is very quickly bored so I make sure that I have tonnes of snacks, and bits and pieces to keep him happy. We have to sing along the way which is no easy task whilst pushing his 24kg bod up a hill but if I don't sing along, he gets most upset and that is just a whole other challenge. I tell myself as I taste blood, heaving up those hills, 'this too shall pass'.  I'm sure as the years go by I will look back fondly... maybe.  It could always be worse, yes?!
Oh and it's certainly ego boosting when I limp power walk past my neighbour who 'whoops' me from her balcony! Bless her!
When I (rarely) venture out on my own, I choose to run/walk.  Yesterday I risked my life as I was seriously almost run down (here's a tip for you drivers out there.....; don't text and reverse.. pleeease).  I have spoken about my running before and if you cant recall, basically I'm pretty crap at it. I try though and that's the main thing. I'm not sure if I will ever be one of those beautifully gliding runners who flit around effortlessly but hey, whatev's. I'm awesome at other stuff!

The pay offs of moving my toosh far outweigh the lack of desire to do so and therefore I remind myself that if I want to enjoy the odd beer, the frequent chocolate and the Salt & Vinegar chips, well I just have to keep moving. One cant have their cake and eat it all, unless of course they earned it!

You've gotta live yes?!

So, go move that toosh, it will make you soooooo happy!
*Especially next time you wrap your lips around that heavily buttered Brownie that your local Cafe bakes that is put right in front of your face as you go and order your once a week take-away coffee..... 


  1. I have to get my tush moving lol. I signed up for operation move and hoping I will be bullied into it

  2. I've just started a group PT thing every sat in the park while the kids play in and around us, it's busy but I ADORE it - I wish I could afford to do it more! GO YOU! x

  3. I love exercise. Me and my exercise bike have an awesome relationship.


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