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Saturday, July 26, 2014
hanging with my mum....

Just a quickie, I really wanted to share this….

So I have taken myself away from the distractions of being a mother of 4 to really focus on the last section of my book. I'm completely absorbed and totally fried but just before I threw myself into bed last night, I had this memory jolt of the previous nights sleep (which was terrible mind you…) and remembered that my mum was in it. In the most bizarre of ways.
I'm not one for mumbo jumbo, in fact I am very opinionated about the after life etc but this was all just a bit too real to dismiss..

So, in my dream, I was tossing and turning in fact I'm sure I actually was in real time and suddenly my mum hopped in bed with me (perhaps she had felt that it would be a bit uncool to share the bed with the hubs up to this point so took advantage of me being alone…) I was in a sleeping bag and she was just lying next to me with no pillow or blanket and so she wrapped herself in the bed sheet and laid her head on a section of my pillow and then we slept, holding each other.
It was all completely normal at the time and I made sure that she was warm and comfortable but not for a second did it seem odd.  It felt right.

Now that I sit with this memory, I just cant help but think that as this quiet time away is completely based around the book that has come to life due to her and her only, there must be some kind of deep purpose to such a comforting occurrence as I rested.

I love when mum visits me in my dreams.  It is very rare and can often leaving me feeling a bit sad after I remember but it also brings some motherly reassurance that she is still there and very much so looking after me and guiding me proudly.

Ultimate Happiness is… seeing my mum again. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

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  1. Oh Leigh - those dreams of lost ones remind us they are never truly lost dont they xx


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